Italy Tour May 2019

We recently had a very successful tour in Italy. We were invited to perform in Florence, Vicenza and Turin. For this tour we had 26 musicians and singers from 11 different countries come together to share the beauty of Sri Chinmoy's music and poetry. It was very well received and we are very grateful to all the organisers. 

Review from MusiDAMS in Torino

'Music for the Soul' at the Piccolo Regio

The Sahadeva Ensemble interprets Sri Chinmoy

The musical blending of the Sahadeva Ensemble arrive, on tiptoe, on the stage of the Piccolo Regio for the third and final stage of the tour that has already brought to poetry and music, effectively rearranged, the meditation master Sri Chinmoy to Florence and Vicenza.

The evening, offered by Sri Chinloy students as a gift to the community, in the hope of bringing the Turinese closer to the art of meditation, saw the alternation of the reading of seven poems by Chinmoy, translated into Italian, and by as many musical moments with orchestra and chorus of Sahadeva Ensemble.

Surely it is not necessary to believe in the spirituality of the Yoga meditation practice of which, among other things, the public was invited to participate in a suggestive demonstration, to appreciate the intelligence and refinement of the arrangements of the Sahadeva Ensemble, which has always been known with delicacy and respect for the songs of Sri Chinmoy, to make sacred music marry with cues and sounds between jazz and pop, in an ideal journey from India to Europe to the United states.

The music, in the packed hall of the Piccolo Regio, was, as promised, from the soul and for the soul, not only for the spiritual themes of the songs and poems, but also for the noble intentions of this heterogeneous group of musicians who try, in their own small way, which is perhaps not so small, to give and transmit to others what they believe most. Bravo !

Rehearsals in Florence

We arrived in Florence for four days of rehearsals before our first concert at the Odeon Firenze. We were delighted and very grateful that our dear friend Benedetta offered her beautiful Villa in the hills outside the city as a rehearsal space. It was the perfect setting ! The beautiful Tuscan countryside inspired us all.

During breaks in the rehearsals we could enjoy stunning views....

Inside the Villa practicing

First concert at the Odeon Firenze


After the concert

Kausal, far right in this photo, was our dear friend who invited us to tour in Italy and offer the first concert in his home town of Florence.

Next stop Vicenza...

Last stop Torino...

Sumandala. One of our tech crew from Rome.

The food prepared for all the musicians and organisers. Just amazing....

Virochana. Our team leader in Torino but also instrumental in organising  the whole tour.

Ashirvad : our Sound Engineer from Brazil

Waiting to get in. The queues outside the Piccolo Regio Theatre

The show is over. The final bow...

Time for one more coffee before we head home...

We had such a marvellous time. The whole experience was perfect ! 

Grazie, Grazie, Grazie....

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