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Performing the Works of Sri Chinmoy

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 Sahadeva Ensemble

Upcoming Concerts

October 31st  

November 2nd   7.30pm

November 4th  

 August 2023 Concert

Special Guest
Ambi Subramaniam
In performance with
the Oneness-World Ensemble

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A powerful, haunting and dynamic presentation of the music and poetry of

Indian Maestro Sri Chinmoy

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Sri Chinmoy  1931 - 2007

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Music for the Soul

The Ensemble

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“Music is psychic enlightenment. Music is the supreme fulfilment of the aspiring human soul.” Sri Chinmoy

A powerful, dynamic and haunting presentation of the music and poetry of Indian composer Sri Chinmoy arranged and conducted by Sahadeva Torpy. The Sahadeva Ensemble has been an integral part of the International Songs of the Soul concert tours since 2012. In their concerts you are warmly invited to experience meditation in music, music for the soul, to share your aspirations for Oneness and Peace in our world and to leave inspired, energised and emboldened.

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Performing at the prestigious Rudolfinum Concert Hall in Prague. November 17th, 2018.              

 Sri Chinmoy 1931 - 2007

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Musicians have been selected from across the globe. Our string section is from Austria, Canada, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Our percussionist is from Ireland, our bass player is from Canada and our singers range from over 7 different countries.

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The Ensemble has performed across the world with recent concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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We have been very fortunate to share the stage with Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov, the great Russian singer/songwriter and also the highly adored Krishna Das. On a special occasion to celebrate the life of Sri Chinmoy Judith Light, a highly successful actress, also joined us and recited the haunting poetry of Sri Chinmoy. 

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"On a chance encounter we met the great Jazz singer Gregory Porter while on tour in Bratislava in November 2018. We shared the love we both have for the soulful search of truth in all things through the beauty and experience of music." Sahadeva Torpy

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“While playing, the seeker-musician in silence converses and communes with the Musician Supreme, his Inner Pilot. He learns from Him the music of the soundless sound. The music of the soundless sound is Eternity’s sheltering tree with Infinity’s inspiring flowers and Immortality’s nourishing fruits. What the music of the soundless sound has, is the involution of God the man, and what it is, is the slow, steady and unerring evolution of man the God.”

Sri Chinmoy

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The Sahadeva Ensemble : by the

Bulgarian National News Agency 

During our Balkan tour in November 2019 the Bulgarian National News Agency came to film our rehearsals at the Central Military Club in Sofia. 

Celebrating 100 years since the birth of Czechoslovakia

In November 2018 the Sahadeva Ensemble was invited to perform at the prestigious Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague to celebrate the special occasion of 100 years since the birth of Czechoslovakia. Sri Chinmoy had composed a very sacred song celebrating the Soul of Czechoslovakia. Sahadeva Torpy made an arrangement of that song and the music in this video is part of that arrangement. This video highlights some of the work and the dear friends that Sri Chinmoy made in the Czech Republic and Slovakia over the years and also shows glimpses of the Sahadeva Ensemble on tour. 

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The 'Czechoslovakia' Song by Sri Chinmoy

Here is the complete arrangement of Sri Chinmoy's 'Czechoslovakia' song performed by the Sahadeva Ensemble at the Rudolfinum concert hall.

Czechoslovakia - Sahadeva Ensemble
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